Days After Michelle Obama Buys $15M Home – She Turns On Her Own Rich Neighbors By Condemning ‘White Flight’

Michelle, Michelle, what have you ever done? There’s no going back now! Did you recognize Michelle and Barack Obama recently purchased a $15 million estate on Martha’s Vineyard? You know, the ninety fifth white Martha’s Vineyard Well, shortlyoncecreating this extravagant purchase, Michelle turned on her own neighbors throughout a public speech

Now she’s extremely stepped in it! From Breitbart, she said: But unbeknownst to USA, we tend to grew up within theamount — as I write — known as ‘white flight.’ That as families like ours, worthy families like ours … As we tend tostirred in, white peoplealienatedas a result of they were fearful of what our families drawn. And I invariably stop there after Isay this come inthe planetas a result of, you know, i would like to prompt white {folks|people|of USA} that y’all were running from us Wait a second. She’s cacophonicCaucasoid race for being “running away” from black families as a result of they’re “afraid.”So, what preciselysquare measure you doing, Michelle?Aren’t you “running away” from black individuals by shopping fordearly-won homes in preponderantly white neighborhoods? Why not board a additionalvarious area? In different words, why not apply what you preach?

Essentially, you’re simply being an enormoustrickster. Don’t forget, you associated your husband conjointly own an $8 million mansion during awealthy DC neighborhood, thatis justfour% black. In different words, it’s okay for YOU to escape to affluent white areas, however if Caucasoid racehave a go at it, that’s crossing the road. Right? The Breitbart author same it absolutely — this can be a damned if you are doing, damned if you don’t situation: If Caucasoid raceget in a minority neighborhood, they’reconjointly racists for either participating in restoration — thatis simply another style of cultural killing, donchaknow — or cultural appropriation. Again, we tend tohit the one issue I simply can’t stand from the left: blatant hypocrisy.