POLL: Should Snoop Dogg Face Jail Time For His Assassination Threat Against Trump?

Rapper Snoop Dogg has been taking major heat for his music video that depicts AN assassination threat against President Trump.
President Trump, in an exceedingly response via Twitter, same that Snoop Dogg would have long-faced jail time had the same threats been created against former President Obama.
Should Snoop Dogg face jail time for his threats against Trump? Take our poll below!
According to The Hill:
The ban that this motherf–ker tried to place up; him winning the presidency; police having the ability to kill motherf–kers and find away with it; folks being in jail for weed for twenty, thirty years and motherf–kers that’s not black on the streets creating cash off of it — however if you bought color or quality connected to your name, you’ve been lawfully defendant or fastened up for it, then you look folks not of color position themselves to induce millions and billions off of it.”
So in between the pot smoking and also the police bashing, it’s speculated to be political comment, apparently.
“I desire it’s heaps of individuals creating cool records, having fun, partying, however nobody’s addressing
the real issue with this f–king clown as president, and also the shit that we have a tendency to addressing out here, so I wanted to require day trip to push pause on a celebration record and create one in every of these records for the time being.” What’s the comment? that you simply don’t skills to deal properly with things with that you disagree? that you simply shouldn’t be encouraging violence even in jest against the police or the
President? Needless to mention, it wasn’t received well.

You mean you’re not very seeing however AN assassination video truly cures problems? Unfortunately for Snoop Dogg, his comedic try may truly value him success because it blew up in
his face on the day the video was announce. united would imagine, the unwholesome ordeal has caused
many to require United States intelligence agency to launch AN investigation into the celebrity for creating a dangerous veiled threat of deadly violence against Trump and even promoting and inspiring his assassination.
Gee, Snoop, folks don’t appear to be obtaining your political comment.