POLL: Should Barack Obama Be Added to Mt. Rushmore?

There is a decision from some liberal teams, as well as a petition on modification.org, to feature former President Barack Obama’s likeness to Mt. Rushmore.
Do you think it should be changed to add Obama’s face?
A 60-foot version of President Barack Obama’s face can eventually be inscribed into Mt. Rushmore, forever gazing down from the historic mountaintop beside the faces of 4 alternative America presidents. At
least, this is what some college professors predict. Immortalized as a large granite carving soaring over American state, Obama would always be
remembered as the first African-American president. Nothing he will within the White House can take away from that reality, which has led thirty percent of George Washington University professors to
believe he can find yourself on Mt. Rushmore, according to a new survey conducted by The College Fix.

“History doubtless can accord President Obama a special place by virtue of being the primary African-American president,” said Prof. Paul Wahlbeck, chair of the political science department at GW. however though Wahlbeck with confidence acknowledged his belief that Obama can presently be part of the faces of general, President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt, he said he is also “reluctant to reverence political leaders whereas or shortly when they served.”