Is Trump Doing a Better Job Than Hillary or Bernie Would Be Doing as President?

Do you suppose that Trump is doing the most effective potential job of all the potential candidates that ran in2016? There’s a classic line from the 1960 election wherever United States President tells JFK, “We’re winning in Ohio however you’re losing in Indiana.” While general election polls are interesting, the race will be decided by states in
the Electoral College. Democrats should look at who is winning in those head-to-head matchups
with President Donald Trump, if they want to win back the White House in 2020. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) supporters insist that not solely was their candidate additional popular voters than Hillary Clinton in head-to-head matchups against Trump, but also that voters want a progressive in their mildew additional thus than a centrist like Joe Biden.

Let’s look at the data to see if they are right. Senator Sanders’ Supporters Cite Socialism From 100 Years Ago “There is difficult information that shows that a centrist Democrat would be a losing candidate,” proclaims Keith Spencer of I read his article and there isn’t. Sure, he cites French economist Thomas Piketty, who claims to have gathered mounds of data to show something we’ve known for years—that Democrats are doing better with richer and middle class voters with higher education,