Does Joe Biden Have A Chance In 2020 Presidential Election?

In her Opening Proclamation fragment on Fox News’ “Equity with Judge Jeanine” program Saturday night, Jeanine Pirro censured Hillary Clinton for playing the “poor me” card.

Pirro additionally said that the previous Equitable presidential hopeful was proceeding to rationalize her decision misfortune last November. Pirro likewise took a few shots at previous President Bill Clinton amid her monolog.

“We’ve had it with you Clintons asserting victimhood,” Pirro said after Hillary Clinton told a group of people she would have been president if the race preceded FBI Executive Jim Comey sent a letter to Congress in October. Pirro included that since the previous first woman already assumed liability for her misfortune, she should quit accusing “boogeymen, for example,

Comey and others. “Hillary, wake up,” Pirro said on “Equity.” “You’re a two-time failure who lost since you were a lousy competitor. “You two haven’t taken after the guidelines since the day you both appeared in your chime bottoms in Arkansas,” Pirro said. “You’re a failure, Hillary. Face it. Face it. Furthermore, get back in the forested areas.”

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